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We offer interior design and room acoustic  solutions as a single, holistic concept

         Whether you have decided to create a professional commercial recording studio or to build a cinema hall in your home, the question of choosing the materials for finishing will arise in the first place, because such rooms must be created with taste and a special attitude to aesthetics, without which it is impossible to create a creative mood and cause delight and positive impressions.

Acoustic of public places

Any space where people come together to talk, listen to music or both, should be acoustically optimized to provide a high level of comfort.

    Although we work mainly in the music industry, designing recording studios, we also have extensive experience in developing acoustic solutions for public and private spaces, taking into account modern trends in interior architecture.


Acoustic products

We combine our love for natural materials with accurate mathematical modeling to design and manufacture all our

acoustic products

Acoustic Consulting

  • Room acoustic modeling

  • Specification of acoustic materials/panels

  • Acoustic measurements


Acoustic Consulting Complete Package    

  • Room acoustic modeling

  • Acoustic report

  • Budget estimation 

  • 360* 3D- Render Visualisation

  • Detailed drawing instruction for installtion

  • 15% discount for our acoustic products ordered from us


Acoustic treatment

custom made room-kit

  • Customizing acoustic elements

  • Manufacturing

  • Installation(on request)




Universal Music Berlin Acoustic  design
Universal Music Berlin Acoustic  design
Universal Music Berlin Acoustic  design
Universal Music Berlin Acoustic  design
Tonbrauerei Studio Berlin Acoustic design